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A few years back, or perhaps more than a few years now, some friends introduced Tania and I to Settlers of Catan.  If you’ve never played it, I’m not going to get into the specifics, but its a pretty awesome game.  One of our more recent games involved a female calling her partner a part of the male anatomy.  But I digress.  I saw this article on Wired this morning and thought to post it here.

For Star Trek Catan, Your Table Is the Final Frontier | GeekDad |

Not that I’m at all surprised that Mayfair is stepping up their game – with the recent Monopoly advertising stunt resulting in a new piece (the cat).  I am a bit sad, and likely won’t be purchasing this new version.  I do have to wonder though, how will this work with existing Catan expansions.  Could we have Star Trek Seafarers?  Would it be anything like the sailing scene in Star Trek Generations?  What about Star Trek Traders & Barbarians?

Either way, could be interesting, but not for me.

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