Deleting my instagram account

I’m sure if you’ve been keeping up with recent developments in the social space, you have heard about Instagram’s brand-new terms of service, basically allowing Instagram to sell your photos to third parties without telling you.  It also seems that Instagram has done an about face, due to the backlash from people, and probably also due to the number of people deleting their accounts.

Thank you, and we’re listening – Instagram Blog.

I’d like to point out that regardless of this change, I’m still going to be deleting my Instagram account.  I extremely dislike the idea of photos of Nathan appearing without my consent, and lets be honest, Instagram is a company out to make money.  Selling photos is an obvious venue for them, so I wouldn’t be surprised if they simply take a more subtle approach to changing their terms of service such that they can achieve their goals.

I signed up for Instagram because a lot of other people had it, and I thought it was fun.  I haven’t used it in probably 6 months, so its no big loss.  If anyone’s curious how to delete their Instagram account, Wired did a good article on it here.

How to Download Your Instagram Photos and Kill Your Account

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