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Okay, so everyone and their brother / sister / cousin appears to be doing write-ups on the new changes coming down the pipe on March 30th for Facebook brand pages, but I thought I’d try and take a bit of a different approach and summarize some of the changes in a concise, whats changing and how it affects brand pages.

As you may or may not know, I’ve been doing a lot of work on Facebook in the past year at my current company (henderson bas kohn), and so I did a write-up internally that I thought I’d share with the world.  So, without further adieu…

Timeline will be automatically enabled March 30th – NO EXCEPTIONS, so you need to make sure your clients are prepared.

Here are some of the changes and their impact to the client’s brand pages:

No default landing page

You will no longer be able to set the default landing page for a Facebook page.  This means when users come to a brand page, they will immediately see the timeline, and we will no longer be able to “like gate” a fan page.  That does not mean you cannot still “like gate” promotions or tabs, just you cannot “like gate” the initial landing page.

New cover photo

All brands will need a cover photo – its probably best that you get these designed and in place prior to the March 30th deadline.

Note for creative types: Cover size now 850 x 315px.

Only 3 tabs can be “above the fold”.

There is no longer a left navigation, so tabs appear directly beneath the “cover” photo.  There are 4 tabs (or I guess buttons now) beneath the cover photo, you cannot move the photos tab.  Any additional tabs will appear in the pulldown.

Can now feature content

Brands will now be able to go back in time and enter milestones into the timeline.  Suggestions for milestones are: founding of the company, growth milestones, new product launches, etc.

You can also “highlight” these milestones by making it the full width of the timeline.

You can also “pin” content to the top of the timeline – this would be useful for current promotions, so users will be able to quickly access the in-market promotions.

New Sizes

New app icons must be 111 x 74px in size.

Apps can now be either 520px or 810px.

If you have an existing application at 520px wide, it will simply centre it within the 810px.

Note: Current in-market applications will still work just fine, Facebook has not modified any of this functionality.  You will just need new app icons made for current promotions.

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    Great article. However, the new app size of 810px must first be chosen in the Facebook developers app. It does not center it within 810px until the page tab width is changed from “narrow” to “wide.” Just a little extra input. Thanks.

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