Firefox built in devtools annoyances

For those of you who might come across this, I finally got super annoyed with the built in “Inspect Element” option in the right-click menu in Firefox, it just happens to sit right above the Firebug inspect element option. So I’d continually click that first, then have to close it and then click to open Firebug.

Quite annoying really…

  • Anyway, to disable it, just fire up your about:config (open a new tab, type “about:config” and hit enter).
  • You’ll get a nice warning (unless you’ve disabled it), just allow it.
  • Then in the filter box, type “devtools” and hit enter.
  • Find: devtools.inspector.enabled
  • Double click so the value goes to false.

Enjoy not having to use the built in Firefox devtools.

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