24″ LED Cinema Display Frustrations

Got into work this morning, and noticed something odd, so I thought I would recount it here in case anyone else is having this problem (as it took a lot of investigation to get it all sorted out).

On Friday last week, I swapped out my Macbook Pro 15″ for a new Macbook Pro 15″, the only real differences in them is that the new one’s graphics card works properly (doesn’t corrupt randomly), a Core i7 CPU vs Core i5, and a Thunderbolt port.

Today, I came into the office, and started working normally, only to find that my screen would randomly blank out. I have an older 24″ LED Cinema Display at the office, which I absolutely love and wouldn’t trade. However, I couldn’t deal with the blanking out. So, I popped open console, and initially thought it was an issue with a few of my applications, quit them and it was still happening, with nothing being written to the activity log. So then I surmised that it might be a power issue, so I swapped out the UPS under my desk for one that displays power consumption. Power was steady.

Then after much googling, and realizing that a lot of people were having this issue, I happened to come across a fix. Seems apple quietly released a firmware update for their problem.

Hopefully google picks this up so people don’t have to search around quite as much.

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