Family day weekend / updates

Just a couple updates in case anyone actually reads my blog. I noticed this morning a weird issue with blank page loads in wordpress, which I attribute to a bad caching plugin. I’ve since switched to a new plugin an the blank page loads seem to have disappeared. I have also re-added ads to my blog, for which I apologize. Since leaving MRX, I’ve lost access to my free server, and am now paying for a server to host my blog, so I’m hoping to somewhat offset the costs.

In other news I had an awesome family day weekend up in Sauble, and while Nathan decided not to sleep at night, it was still somewhat restful and relaxing. I got some starcraft 2 in with Forrest and realized exactly how much I suck, but we still had a good time. We also decided to make an iOS game, so I’m likely going to make a page for it here. I have my doubts I’ll actually finish it, but who knows.

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