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I happened across this little tidbit as I was scrolling through my RSS feeds.  I’ve been so busy lately, I haven’t even had a chance to read half of the entries in my feed reader (most days now I’ve been just saying mark all as read).  But this one caught my eye.  Apparently Boxee has partnered with a third party to build an actual Boxee Box.  This is definitely good news, and I really hope they can pull it off and come out with a great media center box.  Currently I’m running Boxee off my AppleTV – yes Apple, I hacked your stupid AppleTV to run Boxee because you don’t include XVid or DivX codecs, and thats what all my TV shows are stored in.

—Insert Apple Rant here

This is probably the only time you’ll hear me rant about Apple – they brought out this awesome device called the AppleTV, I was super excited by it, has a really nice interface, easy to use, tied to iTunes, and was supposed to make life easier when streaming media to my TV.  Then I found out that they want you to only use the media format they use, which kind of screws anyone with any significant amount of digital video thats not in mp4 format.  Unfortunately I fall into that category, with somewhere around 1.2TB of TV recorded for viewing at my leisure.  To re-encode all of that, I’d a. have to have a ton of extra hard drive space, and b. way too much time on my hands.  So, really, Apple, get with the times already, just include the codecs in the next AppleTV update and allow me to mount my Samba share on it and I think a lot more people will buy your device.

—End Apple Rant

Even if Apple does include these features – which they won’t – I still think a Boxee box is just what the industry needs to jump-start it.  A lot of other companies have tried to bring out media center boxes, but they all suffer from one critical flaw or another; poor ui, no networking support, poor codec support.  So, I’m putting my money towards a Boxee box when they come out – looking forward to finding more details on December 7th during the Boxee Beta release.

Boxee Blog » a Boxee Box is coming!.

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