Married Life

Well, its hard to believe it, but in less than a week, I will have been married for a whole month.  I know that isn’t all that long a time to be married, but it seems since the wedding everyone asks me how I’m enjoying married life.  So, I thought I’d take a few minutes, collect my thoughts and update my blog (something that really needs to happen much more often).  Now that I’m not participating in planning a wedding – I say participating because my wonderful wife really did most of the work – I really have no excuse for not updating my blog.

So, the simple answer to everyone’s question – how’s married life – I think can be summed up as, the same as life before the wedding (minus all the wedding planning).  For anyone out there looking to get married to their long time significant other, I would offer this one piece of advice, don’t expect radical changes to your relationship post-wedding.

And thats all the wedding advise I’ll offer, promise.

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