Blog upgrades – Now with a layer of Varnish

Continuing on my latest theme of blog upgrades – I just got a new server set up for myself over here at the new MRX datacenter, and got my blog transitioned over to it. If you’re reading this post, then likely you’ve gotten the new DNS. If you hit my blog from twitter and get a 404, well, you don’t have the new DNS yet, and you likely won’t be reading this yet.

I’ve taken the liberty of setting up Varnish in front of Apache, I know my blog doesn’t get much traffic, but at least it should respond a lot quicker – sometimes I find wordpress to be kinda slow. I’m going to be tweaking the config, and once I have it just right, I’ll post my VCL code here for anyone who’s interested in optimizing Varnish for WordPress installs. ┬áIt also has the added benefit of protecting my blog should (hell freeze over and) one of my posts suddenly become popular.

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