Microsoft ads… someone’s missing the boat

Okay, so I’ve seen a number of ads promoting both Vista and Low-cost PCs coming out of Redmond recently.  Not that I watch much TV, so either they’re just being targeted to the TV I do watch, or they’re on all the time, all over the place. Now that said, I am a Apple fanboy, I’ll admit it, I love most Apple products, that said though, I am willing to criticize them where I believe they’ve missed the boat (ahhmm, AppleTV and Codecs).

In any case, there are two types of ads I’ve seen, one that features children using Vista to do fun stuff with photos.  Okay, they’re cute, and Vista works for children, I get it.  Thing they forget to mention is that those computers had better be locked down and never connected to the internet, unless of course you want to be exposing your 8 year old child to random porn popups while they’re looking at photos of their dogs.  The other type being the ones where people are sent out looking for low price laptops and pass over Macs because they’re either too “cool” or too “expensive”.  Both of which are silly propositions to make, since if you were to compare hardware in any recent apple laptop to an equivalent Dell or HP, you’ll come out at about the same price (last time I did it, I think I was $50 in).

Now again, I’d like to caution that I really enjoy Apple’s – I work on one all day – that said, I grew up on PCs and when I finally did make the switch after working at Barking Dog Studios, I decided that the platform fit me much better.  What I’m really trying to say is that someone at Microsoft should take a good hard look at your advertising campaign, and perhaps give it a once-over to remove all the BS you’re pushing on people.  Or better yet, instead of spending millions on an advertising campaign, build a product that works and works well that people will want to spend exhorbitant amounts of money on.

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    I would argue that you can do the same thing for the Mac ads…really, pitting a young, ‘hip’ mac against an old, heavy-set PC and mocking Vista is really no different than someone passing up a Mac by sarcastically commenting that they’re not cool enough to use one

    In the commercial, they’re trying to find a cheap laptop, and make no mention of performance or added features. The cheapest Mac I could find on their site started at $999 new, whereas the Future Shop flyer I have in front of me has an HP for 429.99. If you’re a user looking for a laptop to browse the internet, share photos with your family, and generally be ‘connected’ in this global village, the Vista-based PC is going to get you there for $570 cheaper.

    Windows Fanboy signing off.

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    I don’t disagree that Apple computers generally come in above the “entry level” PC price range, that said, its interesting to note that there are additional costs with a PC that most people don’t consider. For example, that PC isn’t going to last long on the internet, browsing, sharing photos without anti-virus – now your $429.99 computer just became $500. Want to add a word-processing (Office for Windows or iWork for Mac), now you’re looking at $700 and $1100. You’ll note the price difference is shrinking as you add software that you’d normally add.

    You also have to keep in mind, people who are concious about how long their laptops will last / be supported, should be aware that Apple has a much better track record of supporting hardware for extended periods of time (8 year old computers can run OS X 10.4 with relative ease, I’d like to see the same said of Vista). So you’re looking at spending an extra $400 for a computer that could potentially last you an extra 3 years, pretty good price if you ask me.

    Just some food for thought.

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    Here here Jon.

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