Happy new year everyone

Well, a bit delayed, but a happy new year to everyone out there who may find my blog.  Speaking of my blog – I have a few plans for updating it significantly over the next few months – I’ll be keeping the URL structure the same, but overhauling the layout and functionality to better suit my needs.

So, santa was good to be this year – got a lot of clothes and other fun stuff, bought myself a GPS from Best Buy on Boxing day – btw, if anyone ever decides it may be a good idea to go to any store on boxing day, its NOT.  I literally spent 2 hours in Best Buy – 1.5 of them waiting in line to pay for my item.

Anyway, so far, happy with it, I ended up with the Garmin 250W, I haven’t updated the maps yet – perhaps I’ll do that today, but thus far it hasn’t failed me.

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    Hey looky, I found your blog.

    Santa came late for me, got anew iMac this week. Now I need a massif external drive to start playing with time machine. Have you tried time machine yet?

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