System updates and Busybox…

Been a little while since I’ve posted I realize – been quite busy lately.  So, I picked up a new toy today for my fileserver / it just arrived today, I ordered it quite a while ago.  I had one more hard drive than I had bays, and I wasn’t using any of my optical bays – so I decided to buy a 3-4 drive bay converter.  Specifically I got one of these:

Really nice piece of hardware – very well packaged and organized.  Anyway, I proceeded to shut down the fileserver to install the drive, got it all set back up – drive detected, go to boot ubuntu, and guess what it won’t boot.  I end up at a busybox prompt.  Really not cool.

It would appear there’s some kind of bug in the ubuntu kernel or one of the recent ubuntu updates that is giving me grief – I know its not the new drive because I unplugged it and continued to have the same problem.  Specifically if I try to boot up, it gives me an error saying it can’t mount /root – Device or resource busy.  Well, I mean, really, how can the drive be busy, there’s nothing open on it.

So far I can almost get it to boot up but I think I’m going to leave it for the night and see if I can come up with a solution.  Currently to boot it up I have to do this:

mount -o ro /dev/hda1 /root


That will at least bring me to a prompt, but for some reason I can’t access any of my drives – they’re all saying device or resource busy.

Again – Really not cool.

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