A salut to an old friend

Well, its been a long time coming, but tank has finally died. For those of you who no not its saga and history, you are sorely missing out. Though, as with any computer system, especially one containing my whole television collection as well as all my backups, it will rise again. Not after some serious modification though.

As it would appear, the motherboard finally died, the system simply refused to boot if any SATA drive was plugged into it – obviously a problem. I went out to the local computer shop and picked up a new motherboard, processor and ram. Specially, I got myself an ASUS M3N78-EMH HDMI motherboard, and I know, I have absolutely no use for an HDMI motherboard, but it fullfilled my main requirements of being under $100 and having more than 4 sata ports (specifically it has 6), bringing my total available sata connections up to 8 (I have a PCI card).

So, I get it all home, rip apart tank – dust off as much as I possibly can, and I go to town unpacking, reconfiguring the case and generally getting everything set up. So, I’m sitting there going through the checklist, processor mounted… check, processor fan mounted… check, ram mounted… check, hard drives plugged in… check, *CRAP*… well, it would appear my 4 year old Thermaltake power-supply is only a 20-pin, and this new motherboard is a 24-pin. Now this is at 9:30pm on a Sunday night… no computer supply shops are open.

So, just a quick note to anyone looking to upgrade, check your freaking PSU before you buy a new motherboard!

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