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Further to the article I wrote yesterday, which has garnered a lot of traffic for my site I might add. Thank you to MacSurfer for linking that to me. I happened across a story in the Globe and Mail today regarding Rogers’ pricing practices and the iPhone ( As we all know by now, Rogers is out to physically maim their customers with bills. Not a cool thing to do, but when you’re a monopoly, you can kinda do what you want. This led me to think about my recent experiences with Rogers Billing department and note that they really need to be fixing a lot before they can carry any kind of Apple products.

*Incoming Rogers Billing Rant

I believe the billing issue is the only real reason why Rogers already doesn’t carry the iPhone. The very large corporation seems to be well aware of their own price gouging and isn’t going to be doing anything about it anytime soon. At the end of every month, without fail, I get a Rogers bill in the mail, most of the time its relatively accurate, and by most of the time I mean about 50% of the time, and by accurate I mean not getting charged $100 extra for random stuff. My most recent experience with Rogers involves their billing department “misplacing” my bill payment.

After I recently moved, it would seem that Rogers somehow managed to create multiple “accounts” for me. And so, about a month ago, when I got my bill, I paid it as I always do. About a week after it was due, I started getting phone calls, every day at 11am on my cell phone from a blocked number. I typically don’t answer blocked calls, but the frequency and accuracy of the time every day caused me to become curious and answer the phone. Lo-and-behold, its Rogers automated billing system reminding me to pay my overdue bill that I already paid. So, okay, sometimes things don’t go well, I check my online statements, and the money is definitely (note, I spelled it right this time) missing from my checking account.

I then proceed to call Rogers Billing Department, who say they probably just haven’t processed payment yet and to disregard the calls. So, about 3 days pass, I’m still getting the calls, wasting my cell phone minutes they charge me for I might add. So, every day I start calling Rogers, complaining that they’re harassing me, yet they can do nothing about it (or so they say). After about 4 days straight of calling them at different times of the day, I finally get through to someone at Rogers Billing who speaks english and not engrish and can understand my problem. He calls around to the other departments for me to try and figure out what was going on (left me on hold for half an hour, but occasionally came back to let me know he was still working on it). Turns out, they were crediting my money to an account that is no longer active or even tied to my account.

In the end, they agreed to waive the overage fee and apologized, but this is just an example of the things that they’ll have to fix in order to be able to actually successfully host the iPhone on their network. Not many people would actually put up with the crap and chase after them to fix their billing mistakes.

* End of rant

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  1. ron maclean #

    Itried to get on line billing to save the paperwork
    after about 20 min. I gave up
    I have been a customer for 20 years but they cannot recognize my account mt email or my password OH WELL

  2. 2

    OK I get the iPhone and they tell me because of my credit I have to put down a $200 deposit??? OK sure (bell never did that with my Blackberry) so I got the $30 data and $45 voice and $20 extras thing. 7 days later after the phone comes out they cut it off. WTF!!! so I wait on hold for 30min and the Rogers rep says you have reached your $200 limit and they canceled my service… Why? Because the first bill is Pro-rated and that comes to $209. I have had the figgen phone for 9 days!!!! I gave them such shit and the turned it back on and they asked me for $9… 9 fucking dollars!!! My clients can’t get a hold of me for $9?
    Roger’s policy’s stink and I want to go back to bell.

  3. Ruby #

    This is exactly what happened/is happening to me. They actually called the collection agency on me and screwed up my credit. I’m on the phone right now dealing with it (on hold). I think i have about half an hour before they figure out there is no “any key” on their keyboard.

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