New Mac Trojan OSX.RSPlug.A

Okay, so there’s a Torjan out there in the wild now for the Mac… and everyone’s up in arms about it. All the anti-mac people out there are complaining saying ouuu, look, mac’s aren’t secure anymore. Unfortunately, they seem to have forgotten to mention that you have to be an idiot to actually get the Trojan.

So, here’s what you have to do to get infected:

  • Start browsing for free porn.
  • Land on a malicious site.
  • Get prompted to install software to watch said porn.
  • Choose to install the software package that you know nothing about.
  • Put in your admin password when it asks for it.
  • Realize you can’t watch your porn and move on.

Now, I don’t know about you, but how many mac users out there actually will install something they don’t want, and then enter their admin password to install a program they know nothing about, that they downloaded so they could watch porn. Granted, this probably doesn’t only exist on porn sites, but from the various digg articles I’ve read about it, that seems to be mostly where the trojan is popping up.

For anyone wanting more information, hit up ( for instructions on how to remove it.

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