Apple enabling online support chatting?

I’m not usually one to notice such things, but I happened to be hunting around the Apple website for someone I could rant at regarding Canadians and iPhones. I’d just love to know why we don’t have iPhones up here in Canada. I mean, we are connected to the US by one of the largest borders in the world. Seems like we kind of got “forgotten” up here, and no one knows anything about when or if they’ll ever make it up here.

Anyway, I’m off topic already…

I was on the Apple support site, and happened to notice a “Chat Now” link next to the typical Questions? Need Advice? Call blah blah… So, I clicked on it and got a page can not be found message. Interesting I thought, thats not like Apple. I reload the page, and lo and behold, its gone, but when I move my mouse around, the link fades in. Even more interesting I think to myself… I then load the page in Safari, and the link isn’t there at all, unless I move my mouse just right and happen to get the 2 pixels the link takes up. Seems like they’re hiding a new feature on the support website.

Here are a few screenshots I took of the sites, notice the difference I’ve outlined in red.

In Opera:


In Safari:


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