Fixed Website

Okay, so, recently I’ve been having this really annoying problem, where my wordpress homepage would just come up blank. I kind of ignored it, but I knew it had something to do with themes causing problems. For some reason, every now and then my blog’s theme gets set back to “default”, I’m still not 100% sure why, and after spending a good amount of time trying to “fix” it. I just ended up removing the “default” theme and doing a symlink from my theme’s folder to the old default folder, that way I can at least keep my blog up.

I’ll definitely keep hunting around to try and figure out why, and post here when I do find out.

In terms of life stuff, been super busy, as per usual. I think I’m going to be donating a bit of time to helping out my new guild on Norgannon with their website, but thats another story for later. For now, its back to work.

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